Resetting a users dashboard in Alfresco Share

It may happen, in some peculiar circumstances, that a users dashboard becomes corrupted. The signs for when this happens is that the users dashboard can’t load or that there’s an error when the user tries to customize the user  dashboard. One way of handling this is to delete all information about the dashboard, that is delete the chosen page layout and dashlets and reset the dashboard to the default state it has when a new user is created. Following is a small script that can be executed from the Javascript Console (

var userid = 'this_is_a_user_id';

// get the spring web application context
var ctx =;

// get hold of the Spring bean surfConfigCleaner from the remote-api-context.xml file
var surfConfigCleaner = ctx.getBean('surfConfigCleaner');

// find the person instance for the particular user id
var person = people.getPerson(userid);

// execute the behaviour method which does the cleaning

Using the Javascript Console in this manner (getting hold of Spring Beans) is, as the creator of it says, pretty powerful. Quoting Florian Maul (fme AG), “With great power comes great responsibility!”.

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  1. Nice way of using spring beans in javascript. I can imagine several ad hoc tasks where this could come in handy.

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