Alfresco Mobile for iOS & reverse proxy

For all of you that has a reverse proxy in front of Alfresco and has experienced problems with the new Alfresco Mobile 2.0 for iOS, there is a solution for this. The CMIS endpoint has changed in the new app and now uses /cmisatom instead. Because of this the app uses the response generated by Alfresco for the CMIS calls, not the configured service URL. The initial login call (and some other ones) uses the configured service URL but later in the process the app picks up URL’s from the response and uses them. As a standard the response URL includes references to the local server name, not the reverse proxy address. In order to fix this some Tomcat configuration has to be done. In some cases it’s enough with one connector, but in my specific case I have to use two.

    redirectPort="8443" />

    proxyPort="443" />

So now the reverse proxy address ‘’ uses the first connector and the reverse proxy address ‘’ uses the second connector.

For references please look in this forum thread:

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