How to debug solr exceptions/warnings for Alfresco (Part 3)

Some good to know stuff having followed debugging which I thought I’d share.

First of all, to find out the node ref of a node id do the following SQL:

  SELECT CONCAT(store.protocol,'://',store.identifier,'/',node.uuid),, node.audit_creator, node.audit_created, node.audit_modifier, node.audit_modified,
  FROM alf_node node
  LEFT JOIN alf_store as store ON
  WHERE in ('4777883', '4777625');

Next just use the node browser or Alfresco Share to find your node and its info.

If you are having problem with a node and want to exclude it from the index, have a look at There it is described how to exclude a node from the Solr index. Or just disable content indexing, or metadata indexing.

Just apply the aspect and set the properties accordingly on a node and it will be indexed according to the rules described on the page. In my case I had to deactivate content indexing for some failing nodes due to corrupt content (but correct metadata).

function disableContentIndexingFor(nodeRef) {
  var node = search.findNode(nodeRef);["cm:isContentIndexed"] = false;  //Disable content index on the node["cm:isIndexed"] = true; //Allow metadata index on the node;


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