How to use form filters in workflow task forms

Had some problems the other day to get a form filter to execute. Found out that workflow task forms uses an own filterRegistry. So the spring bean definition have to be like this for example:

  <bean id="myTaskFormFilter" class="se.redpill.alfresco.repo.form.filter.MyTaskFormFilter" parent="baseFormFilter">
    <property name="filterRegistry" ref="taskFilterRegistry" />
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3 Responses to How to use form filters in workflow task forms

  1. RMAU says:

    To create or remove a filter in one of the filter sections simply override the filter’s config file AND the task or workflow lists’ config files in the web-extension folder and add or remove a filter element. Make sure to match the filter

  2. AlaraPuckett says:

    Now I know how to use form filters in workflow task forms! Thanks!스포츠중계/

  3. Lenny Drew says:

    It’s encouraging to see writing like this online. I respect the work you do and the effort you have to put into getting this kind of material ready to write.

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