Integration testing emails

Recently I received a task where I had to modify a function I’ve wrote a long time ago that send out emails to users based on some criteria. The problem is that when I wrote that function I:

1. Didn’t have that good understanding and knowledge of Alfresco
2. Alfresco’s email sending capabilities weren’t as good as today
3. It was for a 3.x version of Alfresco

I then decided to first write a test for the function. The thing is that the essential thing in the function is the actual subject, content and other properties of the mail. I also want this to work regardless of where the test is executed (dev computer, CI environment, etc). I googled some and found some rather nice frameworks for setting up a simple SMTP server in a junit test. I also found out that one of the more simple ones to use is actually included in Alfresco, GreenMail.

I promptly started to write my integration test. Define a private variable for the test first.

private GreenMail _mailServer;

In the “@Before” part (or similar) create and start the SMTP instance.

_mailServer = new GreenMail(ServerSetupTest.SMTP);

In the “@After” part (or similar) stop the SMTP instance.


You also have to modify the file for your test suite so that Alfresco sends emails to the correct port. As default GreenMail ServerSetupTest.SMTP picks 25 + an offset number (3000) as it’s port, so set the value to:


Now, in your test just execute the code that sends the emails. Now comes the nice stuff. GreenMail has a function to get all received messages. Getting the messages and doing the proper assertions is now a walk in the park :)

MimeMessage[] messages = _mailServer.getReceivedMessages();
assertEquals(1, messages.length);

assertThat(message.getSubject(), containsString("Urget message!"));
assertThat(message.getContent().toString(), containsString("Kind regards,"));

No more excuses not to test your email sending capabilities…

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