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Alfresco System Messages

In one of our custom Alfresco implementations we are making releases quite often due to somewhat heavy development. The customer used the site notice dashlet to inform users of upcoming downtimes but since there is a lot of sites with … Continue reading

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Posting custom events to the activity feed

A not so uncommon requirement from our customers is the need for custom activity messages to be posted when a user interacts with the system in some way. A recent example is to post a notification to the feed whenever … Continue reading

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How to use form filters in workflow task forms

Had some problems the other day to get a form filter to execute. Found out that workflow task forms uses an own filterRegistry. So the spring bean definition have to be like this for example:

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Update a date of a task in a running workflow

I had the need to change a reminder date of a workflow task in order to test a cron job sending out email reminders. Using the workflow console (http://localhost:8080/alfresco/faces/jsp/admin/workflow-console.jsp) First query to find running workflows. show workflows all Identify the … Continue reading

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Creating a new multiple action for a specific datalist

In the current project I’m working on there is a requirement that for one type of datalist the user should be able to select some of the items and based upon those items a pdf will be constructed and placed … Continue reading

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Edit metadata of multiple documents

Background A customer of ours had a need to change properties to the same value for a bulk of documents at once. So we created an action in the document library where you could select a bunch of documents of … Continue reading

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