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Confused JVM? Kill it!

We have a customer where we’ve started to get memory problems in Alfresco recently. Those kind of problems can be very hard to pinpoint but for this particular client we’re almost sure what’s causing the memory problems. Unfortunately for us, … Continue reading

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Integration testing emails

Recently I received a task where I had to modify a function I’ve wrote a long time ago that send out emails to users based on some criteria. The problem is that when I wrote that function I: 1. Didn’t … Continue reading

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Session replication in Tomcat with Hazelcast

When running Alfresco Share in a clustered environment, it’s recommended to use sticky sessions. Sticky sessions make sure that a user stays on the same server throughout the users interaction with Alfresco Share. There is one occasion where the user … Continue reading

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Alfresco Mobile for iOS & reverse proxy

For all of you that has a reverse proxy in front of Alfresco and has experienced problems with the new Alfresco Mobile 2.0 for iOS, there is a solution for this. The CMIS endpoint has changed in the new app … Continue reading

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Resetting a users dashboard in Alfresco Share

It may happen, in some peculiar circumstances, that a users dashboard becomes corrupted. The signs for when this happens is that the users dashboard can’t load or that there’s an error when the user tries to customize the user  dashboard. One way … Continue reading

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